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Bespoke Counters for a Range of Industries

When planning out the interior of your business location, off-the-shelf furniture quite simply doesn’t cut it. If you’re looking to make a unique style statement, and increase practicality, adding a bespoke counter is essential. Regardless of the industry you are based within, or the complexity of your project, our experts here at Knotty Ash Woodworking can design and manufacture visually stunning bespoke counters that perfectly fit your requirements.

From Design to Installation

Using our 3D CAD visualisation system, our team begin the design process for custom furniture pieces by producing a to-scale model. We work closely with our clients from across the country to ensure that their design brief is closely followed, with the opportunity to make any changes or amendments. Each of our tailor-made counters can be designed and built with a range of features to suit the individual needs of your business, such as unique colour schemes, company logos, and height adjustability.

Premium Materials

Whether you’re looking for a one-off custom counter to make a stylish statement, or are looking to renovate your entire workspace or hospitality venue, our beautiful custom furniture is designed to perfectly complement your surroundings. Once your design has been finalised, our talented team of crafters will manufacture your bespoke counter to an exceptional standard, using premium materials. As an environmentally conscious company, we have a commitment to using only bio carbon neutral materials, sourced from sustainable forests.

Commission Your Bespoke Counter Today

Based in Essex, our team of designers and builders are experienced in creating bespoke counters for clients all over the UK. For more information about our range of custom consoles, contact us today. Call 01799 531202, or email us at

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