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Custom Consoles

At Knotty Ash, our in-house team have over 30 years of experience specialising in manufacturing custom console furniture to a high standard for a range of industries. From the 24/7 environments of the security control room to the purpose-built accuracy required in the manufacturing of laboratory desks, we manufacture custom consoles that meet your bespoke brief.

Bespoke Console Furniture

The level of customisation you receive is decided by you, as we can follow a design you have created in-house, or we can formulate a design on your behalf with our industry-specific expertise. Or perhaps you are interested in a fusion of the two – the benefit of ordering custom console furniture is how precisely we can configure the features to accommodate your specific industry, building and company.


We are qualified to offer cost-effective modular solutions packed with fantastic features or we can create fully bespoke designs that meet your specific industry requirements. Since you want to combine ergonomic features with an aesthetic appeal that matches your company colour scheme, we enable you to view your custom console prior to project completion.

CAD Visualisation

By using a 3D CAD visualisation system, our team can produce a to-scale model for you to verify as the finished product you had visualised upon the point of contact with our 30 years of expertise. At this stage, amendments and additions are still possible, so you can alter your custom console’s specifications to fit your specifications with precision.


Consciously Sourced Materials

Knotty is an environmentally friendly company that sources materials from sustainable forests as we actively acknowledge the importance of protecting the environment through forestry management. Our commitment to bio carbon neutral materials in the manufacturing of our furniture gives clients peace of mind over their ecological impact while providing them with socially conscious furniture.

Discuss your custom console requirements in further detail on 01799 531202 or click here to enquire online today.

For further information on our custom console desk manufacturing, please call us today on 01799 531202 or click here to enquire online today.

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