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 TV Studio Furniture

TV Studio Furniture

TV studio furniture plays a pivotal role in accommodating a mix of presenters, production staff, and guests who all have different working requirements. Studio furniture therefore has to be adaptable in terms of functionality and comfortability to optimise workflow and uphold your brand reputation. Fortunately, at Knotty Ash Woodworking, we design ergonomic furniture with innovative features such as acoustic racks, voiceover tables, equipment bays, monitor shelves, height adjustability and more.


Our highly qualified team have a wealth of experience in honouring the demands of the 24/7 broadcasting environment, with unique creations such as the Broadcast One Desk and Media Edit Desk range allowing for the flexible demands of broadcasting environments to be incorporated within a dynamic console. Whether you need TV studio furniture for interviewing, mixing, live recording, voice overs, podcasts or for other purposes, Knotty Ash Woodworking has the experience, expertise and resources needed to manufacture bespoke furniture to your custom requirements.


A key feature of our TV studio furniture is the compact yet efficient design allowing for equipment to be integrated as part of the desk, so all cables are tidily tucked away and you have an optimal amount of workspace to accommodate everyone, from lone-working to larger groups. The adjustable features allow you to cater to individual needs in a fast-paced environment where a diverse mix of people require high-functioning furniture to streamline their workflow.


Our team can assist with a bespoke, one-off installation or lend their expertise to a TV studio renovation where your design brief is honoured and you can see the final product before it comes into fruition with CAD visualisation.



A range of materials and timber finishes are presented to you as part of our versatile design offerings so you can uphold your brand identity and complement your existing TV studio furniture. All the materials we use are sustainably sourced as we are committed to forestry management and even use bio carbon neutral materials when manufacturing desks. This means no matter which aesthetic choices you make in terms of colour; your reputation will be ‘green’. We believe environmentally friendly furniture is the responsible choice that will inevitably become mandatory, so our TV studio furniture helps you to stay ahead of the curve.


TV studio furniture wouldn’t be complete without high quality studio chairs that have been designed to provide support and aesthetic consistency, so our team can supply high quality chairs as well as premium desks.


For further information on how we can manufacture TV studio furniture to your specific requirements, please call us today on 01799 531202 or click here to enquire online..

Take a look at our TV Studio Furniture Installations below:

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