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Technical Furniture 

Technical furniture is a necessary installation in many businesses from traditional office environments with IT departments through to high tech laboratories and broadcasting work places. Knotty Ash Woodworking can work with just about any industry to produce technical furniture that meets the unique demands of the roles it is intended to serve, matches company aesthetics and provides a comfortable and productive work area.


Our technical furniture installations can be designed to include a range of features that make the desk accommodating to various pieces of equipment. From simple fixtures like raised monitor shelves and keyboard trays through to more modern features like height adjustability, power supplies or inbuilt charging ports. All of these additions are designed to make the desk easy to use, spacious and accommodating and customers can select as many or as few features as they like and our expert team of designers will craft a concept that is beautiful, ergonomic and practical.

One Off or Batch Productions

Some companies require more than one installation of technical furniture while others choose to employ a select piece for a certain role. Whichever side of the fence your company falls on, our craftsmen are equipped to provide single or batch productions. If you require one design but with 13 separate desks, or if you require 5 totally different designs, our team can complete total studio fit outs ensuring our creations line up with your existing space. During the design process we can create a 3D colour visualisation that shows a to scale model of the finished products, allowing you to make changes and adjust layouts before we start building.

Discuss your specific technical furniture requirements in further detail on 01799 531202 or click here to enquire online today.

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