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Secure, Stylish and Robust Security Furniture

Making security furniture is all about striking the balance between practicality, performance and aesthetics and over the last 30 years, we’ve developed our skillset and earned a reputation as a leading provider of secure, stylish and robust designs. Over the years, we have designed and installed security furniture for a variety of applications from air traffic control, valet parking, reception areas and offices. We’re adept at interpreting briefs and creating pieces or multiple pieces of furniture that meet and exceed the needs of our clients.

Modular Designs

Our security furniture is modular in design meaning during the design process, we can easily amend and slot in different elements to suit your needs. As we design all of our installations in 3D computerised models before we start the build, our clients have full control over the modules they want, how many of them and the orientation in which they will be put together. It also makes the installation process straight forward, with easily adjoining pieces all slotting harmoniously together and because we create furniture to the scale of your location, it is guaranteed to be the right size, shape and format.

Totally Bespoke

The beauty of marrying up module elements of security furniture is that you can create a totally unique design. On top of that, we can use a variety of colours on the desk, emboss it with branding elements or even create a design that is totally unique, so that it suits the surroundings and is a one of a kind desk that no other business will have. If you are interested in a bespoke security furniture piece but are not quite sure what you need from it, our master craftsmen know the industry extremely well and can advise you on the elements that could be useful, stylish and robust for your security furniture.

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