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How The Right Security Furniture Aids Vigilance

Security is a serious business and those employed in the sector know that they can not afford to miss a beat. Being vigilant on behalf of a company, comes with the great responsibility of ensuring all employees are protected from danger. Regardless of industry or business size, making sure your dedicated CCTV room is well equipped with all the security furniture officers require to stay vigilant and guard the premises from danger, should be the top of your priorities. Here at Knotty Ash Woodworking we’ve got some tips for laying out your security room for maximum productivity.

Use the Space

We know many business premises don’t have space for huge pieces of security furniture and it’s not uncommon to pass a security room and catch a glimpse of guard stuffed into a box room. But even with limited space security furniture can still be optimised to enable your officers the clearest view of all CCTV monitors. Whether you opt for a mobile drawer pedestal that can be tucked under a desk, or a wall mounting system your security furniture can be both space efficient and fully functional.#

Consider Comfort

For those on the front line of security, comfort is key to good performance especially as many companies require their guards to put in night shifts. Ensuring that desks and seating is set up to supply ample leg room, arm space and manoeuvrability of controls, is key to promoting productivity and wakefulness during late shifts. Knotty Ash Woodworking’s range of chairs and monitor arms encourage correct posture and are adjustable to suit different members of staff. Featuring arm rests, high backs and head supports, our chairs when coupled with our monitor arms allow users to find the perfect position for working.

To switch up your security furniture and ensure your guards never drop the ball, visit our security furniture section to see our range or call us on 01799 531202 to discuss your requirements.

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