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Creating Unique Custom Consoles

When planning a revival of your workplace, furnishings take the lead role. Whether you’re having a total refit or just thinking of updating one room, brand new furnishings can not only improve the overall aesthetic of a room but also boost company morale. But like anything in business, new furniture is an investment so making sure you get the highest quality and the best value is paramount. With our custom consoles, you’re guaranteed excellence with the added bonus of your own choice of design features.

Bespoke Brilliance

When you opt for a custom console crafted by Knotty Ash Woodwork, you choose furniture that is fit for the demands of a 24-hour environment. Our vast experience and ever-growing product range enables us to offer complete solutions for all broadcast and radio studio installations. The console-style allows for a personalised configuration, allowing you the control to choose not only the number of modular inserts of the desk but also the specific number of side pedestals, universal VTR trays, monitor arms and even speaker stands. With such a vast array of customisable factors, you can ensure that your custom-built console meets your exact business requirements.

Align Your Aesthetics

While practicality is the key focus, overlooking the aesthetic could result in an untidy environment which could be damaging to both business image and productivity. Our custom consoles are available in a range of timber finishes and the colour of the veneer countertops can also be altered. Adjusting the colour scheme to reflect that of the rest of the workplace, creates a cohesive and dynamic aesthetic and allows for company colours to be branded on the furnishing, which reinforces company values to both staff and visiting clients.

Try Before You Buy

For most applications, our expert craftsmen produce space plan drawings and 3D colour visualisations so that clients can see their prospective purchase in their completed state. At this stage, buyers can iron out any creases, make colour or console changes and style their desk to fully align with their vision.

To order a custom console from Knotty Ash Woodworking call us on 01799 531 202

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