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The 3 R’s of Radio Studio Furniture

Working in the broadcast industry, the term ‘reshuffle’ sparks panic amongst the troops, but it can be beneficial. Luckily for those dedicated hacks out there, we’re more into re-arranging the furniture in the literal sense! After all, some fresh radio studio furniture is much better for company morale than the proverbial reshuffling, restructuring and reconfiguring and can actually help to boost listeners and drive up revenue.


Investing in new, purpose-built and bespoke radio studio furniture provides a prime opportunity to have a good old tidy up and throw away an unnecessary clutter. With our range of 19” rack bays, acoustic racks and storage units, there’s no excuse for staff not to store everything away in an easy to access place. Records, CDS and other artefacts need not be strewn across mixing tables, guests can stop dodging navigating around stuff and nonsense piled strategically but awkwardly on the floor, and all that loose paperwork can stop being such an eyesore!


Although it can seem like a mountainous task, replacing worn out or suboptimal studio furniture does wonders for the aesthetic as well as the productivity of an office. Committing to new voice over tables and interview desks can be the most important update to radio studio furnishings and when you choose Knotty Ash to create your units, it’s not such a taxing task. By creating 3D colour visualisations of your desired product, our clients can see the product in its finished state and make adjustments, before the build even begins.

Refresh Your Output

The combined power of an organised office with cohesive aesthetics and functional furniture makes for an enthused team. Everybody likes to work somewhere that is pleasing on the eye and where all the tools of their trade are easy to locate and by employing new radio studio furniture, this can easily be achieved. When a team is content in their work surroundings, they’re more likely to perform at their best and in radio terms, this means better shows, improved bulletins and higher listeners!

If you’d like to refresh your radio studio furniture, take a look at our dedicated page here or call our team on 01799 531 202.

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