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Supporting Students with Broadcast Furniture

Here at Knotty Ash Woodworking our broadcasting furniture is used in all manner of professional environments from radio studios to TV galleries. Built with the highest quality materials and suited to the demands of a 24-hour environment, not only are they fit for purpose, but they are also brilliant in giving university students a real-world insight. We were recently commissioned to make 2 pieces of broadcasting furniture for UCLAN, as detailed below.

TV Gallery Desk

The television radio desk we were commissioned to create for the university features a blue veneer top and is large enough for groups of directors, editors and technicians to work together without getting in each other’s way. Built with monitor arms to hold the screens that are vital to the job, helps to preserve precious desk space, leaving room for scripts, directors notes and time sheets. This custom-built piece of broadcasting furniture was specifically tailored to the room, ensuring that the desk was adequate for the space without being overbearing.

Radio Desk

Catering for all broadcasting industries, we also produced a radio studio desk for UCLAN, suited for many types of radio show, from a single person podcast to band interview. Featuring a rounded edge, it allows a broadcaster to tuck in snug to the microphone, improving sound quality and minimising background noise. More compact than the television desk, it allows for those intimate conversations between guests that set good radio shows apart all while staying true to the brand image, matching the other piece in colour scheme.

If you are interested in custom built broadcasting furniture, call our team to discuss your requirements on 01799 531 202 today.

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