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Building the Best: Bespoke Furniture

As experts in our field, we know that our discerning clients need something a little more unique from time to time. Although our range of console furniture is top quality and aesthetically appealing, it’s not uncommon for our discerning clients to request a bespoke counter that fits the dynamic of their office and bolsters their branding. Our team of expert craftsmen are always happy to oblige and have years of experience in producing bespoke furniture that is both practical and attractive.

No Design? No Problem!

As a business owner looking for bespoke furniture, it’s only natural that you want to invest in the best for your company. But finding the time to design your pieces and develop the aesthetic of your workplace can be tricky when you’ve got a business to run, which is why we can offer design as part of the bespoke furniture package. With our ever-growing product range and vast industry knowledge, we can offer complete solutions for any environment.

Try Before You Buy

We’ve all been there; you’ve ordered something, and it looks nothing like it did in the pictures, or it just doesn’t fit with the rest of room and you now have to send it back and go without or start the long process of obtaining a refund. But not when you buy bespoke counters from Knotty Ash Woodworking. To ensure that we develop the perfect product, we produce 3D colour visualisations of proposed bespoke furniture, using measurements from its required room to produce a to-scale blueprint. If any changes are required, we can implement them within, so all our clients can see the product before any wood is worked!

If you are a business owner looking for bespoke counters give our team a call on 01799 531 202 to discuss your requirements today.

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