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Room for Improvement with Media Desks

Media desks are the bricks and mortar of any broadcasting studio and the bedrock of everything else within. It could easily be considered the most important piece of equipment in the room and while media desks may be overlooked as a spot to place a boom or a computer, it can define the entire functionality of the room.

Material Matters

When selecting your media desk worktop there are essentially two choices; wood or veneer. Both have practical advantages and are suited to a wide variety of broadcasting environments. Veneer offers a different aesthetic and is available in a broad range of bright, muted and pastel colours, whereas wood is a more classic and rustic look for your media desk counter-top.

Here at Knotty Ash Woodworking all of our designs can be created with either or both of these materials to create a bespoke look. What’s more we are and FSC certified company, so you can rest assured all of the materials we build with are sustainably sourced.

Size It Up

When designing your media desk, it’s vital for us to remember that everything has its place in the studio. Fitting new furniture is a all well and good but it shouldn’t compromise the layout of an office and all equipment should remain in a place where it is easy to use. News anchors don’t want to have to contort themselves to reach a mic and gallery staff don’t want to have to reach for their controls.

Styling a functional media desk means taking account of the size of the area you wish to place it in as well as the necessary surface area of the desk itself. Our media desk systems come with optional screen mounts, cable tidy’s and universal VTR trays.

Are you in the market for a media desk and would like more information? Visit our dedicated page for more information or call us on 01799 531 202.

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