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Rolling News & Radio Studio Desks

In the 24-hour rolling news sphere of the present day, finding radio studio desks that are up to the demands of the role is key to ensuring precise programming. Creating and ergonomic and inspiring workplace results in enthused staff, full of fresh new story ideas which are invaluable to any station. Here’s why the functional everyday item plays a much bigger role in the production of packages.

Comfort and Co-operation

When priming an office for ultimate production, comfort goes hand in hand with co-operation. It’s well known in the news industry that hacks are pressed for time in trying to keep to tight time restrictions and deadlines, so ensuring they have a good working environment can help to minimise stress levels. When it comes to radio studio desks, this means ensuring the surface area is adequate for all necessary mixing desks, microphones and storage of recorders including extra desk space for scrawling those all-important scrips on.

Suitable Storage

With their feet now under the table (literally) it’s time to turn your attention to what’s beneath the surface of a radio studio desk. More than just an area for legs to be stretched, the underside of the desk can be utilised for storing equipment and filing papers. With release forms, scripts and recordings to store, the rolling news industry requires a well-organised filing system that’s accessible. Besides radio studio desks equipped with draws, we can provide acoustic racks, media storage units, monitors arms and rack bays to keep the studio organised.

Go Bespoke

If you’d like a radio studio desk that’s a little different, then our custom build service can create a bespoke design specific to your business requirements. Whether you’re looking for bold colours, brand emblazoning or a unique shape, our team can produce space plan drawings and 3D colour visualisations, allowing you to view the prospective purchase and amend before we start to build it.

If you require advice about radio studio desks or would like to create a bespoke custom build, call us to inquire on 01799 531 202.

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