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Technical Furniture: Find the Perfect Fit

A stylish and equipped office isn’t just about creating a well-presented space. Layout and furnishings all play a role in the productivity of your office or workplace. Make the area too cluttered and you could be in-sighting unwelcome stress amongst your employees, not enough furniture and your staff may feel under-equipped to do their jobs. With Knotty Ash Woodworking’s range of technical furniture, you can utilise your space effectively whilst still providing a special office that promotes productivity and looks pristine.


Our range of edit desks for broadcast all feature a modular design, meaning they can be easily ordered and organised to suit the feel of the workplace. Whether you opt for our GRAND desk system with a 3m real wood work surface and a high-level monitor shelf suited to three separate units, or our smaller STREAM desk system with a 1.9m work surface and 2 detachable side units, you’re always getting the highest quality technical furniture. The beauty of a modular system is that all components are interchangeable so if you re-jig the office once a year, it can be transformed to suit even the tightest space.


We understand that every technical environment has different requirements, which is why our range extends far beyond desks and edit suites. Our Pro Display monitor wall system is an ideal investment for workplaces where many screens need to be surveyed at once, be it in a studio or a CCTV gallery. Like our other systems, this too is of modular design and features upright legs, adjustable crossbars and optional tilting, so enables numerous monitor sizes and configurations.

Make it Your Own

Years of experience and our ever-expanding product range enables us to offer complete solutions for all broadcast and radio studio installations. But if you require something a little more unique or just prefer something with more individuality we can also offer a fully bespoke service. We create a space plan 3D colour drawing of each plan, so clients can see their custom-built technical furniture in its completed state and can make alterations without any hassle.

If you are interested in purchasing any of our technical furniture or would like to enquire about our bespoke service, call us on 01799 531202

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