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Case Study: NBC News, London

We recently completed an extensive and multifaceted project for NBC in London. What started as a tender for 2 edit suites evolved into the delivery of the initial 2 suites along with 2 full office installations, a 17-position office environment with additional kitchen and breakout areas.

The additional work was originally within the builder’s contract, but ultimately it was Knotty Ash that provided the best solution for these brand-new facilities in West London. From our initial remit, the contract value increased by approximately 270% - fortunately we have the capacity to step things up a gear or two at short notice!

The entire fit out was completely bespoke, with the only ‘stock’ items used being raw materials, namely the production boards we buy in, resulting in a completely unique media space with a fresh, modern but industrial feel.

Three of the desks we installed were electronically height adjustable and we sourced and supplied three different types of chair for varying operator comfort and specialist needs, along with wall mounted monitor arms.

NBC London Editing Room Furniture and Offices

The initial introduction for the project was via the NBC engineering team who operate from separate premises. Though they were involved and advised on the project from start to finish, it was the producer of the brand-new NBC news bureau (soon to launch a live NBC news show for the UK) who commissioned Knotty Ash for the work.

The client’s architect (who we liaised with directly) visited our factory for an afternoon where we were able to draft out some initial concepts. Following this initial session, plans, elevations and 3D colour conceptual sketches were produced and the foundations for the project were laid.

After the designs and themes were agreed in principal, we then produced full-size floor templates of the walls we had to produce so that summary work of individual working spaces could be reviewed, as well as pin pointing where the builders had to provide cable access into the units via the concrete floor.

NBC London Broadcast Furniture - TV Editing Rooms from Knotty Ash

True to form and adding weight to the theory that the best form of marketing is producing excellent, solid work, it was a referral dating back some 7 years that first brought us to the attention of NBC. We had previously worked for one of the NBC engineers whilst he was at a different company and when he moved to NBC he recommended us and brought us on board; this project now marks the 8th project we have worked for them directly.

“There may have been some initial concerns that we might not be competitive against the builder,” Sales & Business Development Manager, Colin Marshall. “But we definitely got the impression that the client is over the moon with their decision to extend our remit from just two edit suites.”

As with all the work we undertake, we set out to deliver an excellent product, value for money and within budget.

We believe we offer a level and manner of service that is unique to Knotty Ash, with a surgical attention to detail and planning that results in outcomes which greatly surpass expectations.

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