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Technical Furniture That Puts You In Control

Technical furniture can refer to a number of different products, with the phrase meaning different things to different people. So to be clear and set our stall out as best and as simply as we can: Knotty Ash design and manufacture technical furniture which can be used in number of different settings, for a range of applications, across a multitude of industries.

Our adaptable technical furniture can be constructed and calibrated to accommodate any type of user in almost any control room-style environment, adhering to established ergonomic and design standards. Our height-adjustable desk and workstation solutions are suitable for both professional and educational environments, and we provide modular as well as entirely bespoke solutions for a fast-moving world.

Just some of the applications for Knotty Ash technical furniture:

  • Security

  • Control & Command Consoles

  • Process Control

  • Radio & TV Broadcast

  • Media edit desks

  • Reception areas

  • Transportation & Logistics

  • Multi-Screen Height Adjustable Workstations

  • Electronic and Laboratory Benches and Workstations

Browse our website by category for more detailed information on all of our products or get in touch today with any queries you may have.

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