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Pro Display Monitor Wall System

The Pro Display monitor wall security furniture system incorporates lightweight, clear anodised aluminium extrusion and black steel strengthening components to hold a variety of LCD and plasma displays for the security sector.

Designed to provide the best visuals of any incoming feeds, this security furniture can be configured to fit against a flat wall, or can be mounted on stands to form curved views, staggered monitors or to create a portable security station, allowing for easy reconfigurations should you require. 


Raised above eye level and being able to support larger monitors than traditional desk systems, this security furniture allows for smaller images to be blown up, creating a greater level of detail that helps anything out of the ordinary be more easily spotted by security staff. What’s more by displaying screens in this way, security staff are less likely to suffer from work related injuries such as eye strain, neck kinks or poor posture making them more vigilant and helping to protect your assets.

Full cable finger trunking is incorporated at the rear of the system, allowing users to establish simple and neat wiring connections to the monitors.

An optional 15 degree connection bracket can be utilised on larger systems to create a wrap-around design. The monitor VESA mounting brackets allow for a tilt of up to approximately 10 degrees, whilst also incorporating an area for fixing breakout or converter boxes.

Pro Bins: Rack Mount Equipment Housings

The Pro Bin system perfectly complements the Pro Display monitor wall. Ideally suited to house PCs, flip engines or remote desk equipment, this system is based on a 19” rack with bins measuring 13RU high.

Available in single, double and triple widths, full cable management has been designed into the bin plinth with integral cable trough runs between each bay, keeping cabling away from equipment whilst cleverly maximising internal space. Complete equipment access is possible through the simple slide-latch lift off panels on the front and back of the unit.

Pro Bins are available in maple veneered and anthracite textured paint finishes.

Bespoke Design Broadcast Monitor Stack

Pro Display Monitor Stack 

To place your order or to discuss in further detail, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01799 531202 or  click here to enquire online today.

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