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 Radio Studio Furniture

Radio Studio Furniture

Broadcast furniture for radio needs to be diverse, with so many different roles to cater for, there is no one size fits all solution. Thankfully, Knotty Ash Woodworking has developed extensive experience in developing broadcast furniture for radio stations and as a result, can produce furniture that meets the unique demands of a job on or off the air.


Radio station studio furniture needs to be able to keep up with the demands of the job, accommodating for guests, presenters and mixing technicians. Radio studio desks should be as adaptable as the broadcasting industry and allow for open discussions with large groups as well as more intimate interviews in a one on one setting.


Our expert radio broadcast furniture craftsmen can create media desks for interviewing, producing, editing, admin and presenting roles, complete with features that create an ergonomic desk. Whether you’re looking for a complete radio studio fit-out or a one-off interview desk to impress guests, our team can create installations unique to our clients' needs. We can create designs that slot seamlessly into any broadcasting workplace that complements existing radio broadcast furniture or works to a budget for more simplistic but equally elegant units, we aim to produce a robust, reliable console that meets every workplace demand.


Our team can also supply broadcast studio chairs that are streamlined with out desks for maximum comfort, aesthetic appeal and practicality. We’re committed to producing some of the highest quality radio broadcast studio furniture and as a result also supply standard and custom 19” rack bays, acoustic racks, voice-over tables, acoustic interview tables and media storage units.


In this way, all our desks are fully functional, incorporating high-quality materials and finishes to reflect the needs of a high use commercial radio studio environment.

 Radio Studio Table Design

Knotty Ash has designed, constructed and installed radio studio desks for a number of clients in the broadcasting industry across the UK. Whether clients opt for our Media Edit Desks or custom service, our expert team transform their workspaces into stylish and ergonomic environments.

​Crafting modern radio studio furniture, Knotty Ash offer create desks suitable for any 21st century broadcasting space, stylish tables to

meet a range of purposes including blogging, interviewing, live recording, mixing and voice over desks. Ensuring that all radio furniture meets the demands of a 24-hour environment our team can design desks for use from a single operator to a multi-use conversational radio format.

Call our team today on 01799 531202 or click here to enquire online or further information on our radio studio furniture services.

Take a look at our Radio Studio Furniture Installations below:

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