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Office & Boardroom Furniture


Many businesses have an office, even if they are found in factories or squeezed into the corner of a manufacturing plant. Boardroom furniture, reception desks, chairs and office desks are used every day by companies, their employees and visitors and so ensuring they are up to the task is key to striking deals, keeping productivity high and developing new business. Aside from being well built and made from sturdy material, office and boardroom furniture should be reflective of the businesses success and a real statement can be made when you choose us to create a bespoke boardroom table or custom console for your office.


Whether you’re looking for a custom-made boardroom table to sit 50 or just want a small round office desk for day to day meetings, our team of furniture designers can create a solution that is uniquely styled to your needs. As well as ensuring the shape and style are correct, we are able to incorporate colours, branding and materials to reflect your business values or corporate identity if desired.


Knotty Ash Woodworking delivers a range of high-quality office and boardroom furniture, as practical as they are striking. From sleek meeting room tables and chairs to inventive wall storage, we can help achieve your ideal professional environment. 


No matter if the job is large or small, our specialist team provides everything from convenient wall storage areas to fully bespoke reception desks and boardroom desks and furniture. By liaising with your interior designer, Knotty’s experts create a custom-made unit that seamlessly integrates with your surroundings and apparatus. 


Office Furniture

Our office furniture range spans everything from single-person desks through to multiple occupancy units and everything in between. Our office and boardroom furniture experts offer a bespoke service, allowing businesses to design their desks, chairs and accessories to suit their exacting roles and requirements, creating a truly functional piece.


These installations come with a variety of useful features for all manner of businesses from equipment bays and keyboard trays to monitor shelves and cable tidies. Companies can even brand the desks with company colours and logos for a professional finish and a neat and tidy workspace.

Whether a one-off installation or a whole office refit our team can design, supply and install office furniture for clients across the UK.


Boardroom Tables

Knotty Ash’s office and boardroom furniture services expand into customised boardroom desks allowing companies to develop a table that is the perfect size and configuration for their space. While some companies use the boardroom for daily meetings, others use it for team building workshops and client meetings. What happens in the boardroom will differ between these examples and so the boardroom tables should be able to meet the needs of each. By tailoring the features, configuration and even the colours businesses can create a boardroom that performs.

Our custom boardroom table service can create small, medium or large installations and can utilise a number of features such as power ports, monitor arms, cable tidies and more to ensure the desk is set up for success. Colour, material and branding options are also available.


Reception Furniture

Offices that are located in tall towers, blocks, industrial sites or even just a self-contained building can benefit from reception desks and creating an area to welcome guests can dramatically improve the first impressions people form on arrival. Reception desks don’t just sit the reception staff comfortably, they provide businesses with an opportunity to project their values and really impress people when walking through the door.


As with all of our office and boardroom furniture designs, we can incorporate a number of features to make reception staff’s jobs more straightforward, from monitor shelves and keyboard trays to filing solutions and privacy measures.


The design of the reception desk should embody all of the company values which is why our custom service allows for logo’s, branding, finishes and materials to be tailored to the business and we can even include high-quality lighting and other aesthetically pleasing components of the desk.


Chairs and Monitor Arms

Knotty Ash Woodworking can provide additional components to accommodate all office and boardroom furniture that we create, including monitor arms, speaker stands and office chairs. By assisting in making the office environment comfortable and functional, we’re a one-stop shop for all office and boardroom furniture needs.

Simply contact our team today for further information on all our office and boardroom furniture solutions. Call 01799 531202 or click here to enquire online today.

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