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Gaming Tables

Boost the fun factor with our ergonomically designed gaming tables.


A table specifically designed with a team in mind: the Knotty Ash Gaming Table brings people together. As custom console furniture experts, we know how to make a bespoke table designed to compliment the specific purpose it will be used for. Made from sustainably sourced materials as part of our environmental responsibility pact, we also offer optimum durability due to the quality of the materials and the ingenuity of our manufacturing ability. We pride ourselves on offering a gaming table with longevity that blends in with your surroundings as our in-house design team prioritise collaboration to ensure the gaming table you receive is aesthetically aligned with your brand.


Before your bespoke gaming table is finalised, we use sophisticated CAD software to preview your product using 3D visualisation. By seeing an image of your gaming table before its creation, we give you the ability to picture how your gaming table will look in your studio, office or elsewhere.

Key Features

Our qualified design team have incorporated LED lights into your gaming table so all players can see the small details in a better light, from letters and numbers to images on a board, and so on. It also adds the right ambience as a gaming table is principally about fostering a sense of fun into taking a break, with the glamour of changing LED lights setting the mood for casual socialising. The mat adds some protection for the wood as well as providing comfort, with the added benefit of securing longevity with an extra layer.

Since resting is a key component of taking a break, our gaming table is built to allow for seating to slot comfortably underneath the table and there are also pull-out options for people to use as desired. Nothing boosts morale more than having hard work rewarded with well-deserved play time equipment that has their convenience in mind.



Our gaming tables are more than just tables, they provide an experience to be enjoyed by all users for years to come.


 Order yours today or discuss any requirements in further detail today on 01799 531202 or  click here to enquire online today.

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