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Control One Control Room Desk 

Our brand new Control One Media Desk is ergonomically designed with modern work environments in mind.

Introducing the Control One Media Desk, designed exclusively to meet the needs of control rooms across industries. Suitable for media, broadcast, security and air traffic installations, this media desk is designed with the latest working practices in mind and is ergonomic and aesthetically impressive.

Greater Control

Control by name and control by nature, this edit desk gives businesses more assertion over their workplace than ever before. Designed to accommodate the needs of multiple staff at the touch of the button, the Control One media edit desk benefits from optional height-adjustable countertop and a height-adjustable monitor top. The monitor shelf can dip below counter level, making for more desk space and acting as a futuristic and practical storage solution for times when the screen may not be required, such as in meetings or when confidentiality is required.

Being able to alter the height of the media edit desk has several practical uses and is fantastic for companies who use hot-desking or have different staff working shifts at the same work station. Providing the option to tailor the edit desk gives staff a greater level of comfort and control, which directly affects their productivity, wellbeing and output, in a positive way.

Stunning Design

Using the latest in design trends, this modular control room edit desk is sleek and subtle, with lots of storage solutions that are discreetly hidden within the design. Breathable computer trays flank the front of the installations, while side panelling conceals wiring and legs beneath, helping it to seamlessly slot into even the most minimal environments. LED mood lighting strips give the work areas some low ambient light while looking stylish, modern and futuristic in calming blue hues.

Like all of our desks, the Control One media desk is available in a range of finishes, with bespoke branding and design option available.

Added Extras

For the first time, we have integrate charging docks into the top of the desk, with a 13amp socket and two USB sockets. 




  • Monitor arms

  • charging docks

  • height adjustable

  • LED lighting

Discuss your specific media requirements in further detail on 01799 531202 or click here to enquire online today.

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