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Chairs & Monitor Arms

Ergonomic additions to the work environment boost employee morale as their comfort is catered to for better ease-of-working, with the visual impression upon all visitors aiding your brand reputation.


Comfort intertwines with practicality and aesthetics effortlessly in the form of our additional components to our premium office furniture. From monitor arms to speaker stands, we can create and install products that increase productivity by creating a more efficient working environment for every space, from the security control room to the boardroom and beyond.

Perhaps you’re looking to enhance the ambience of your control room? With the supply of our LED and task lighting - either as an individual product or incorporated into your console, our specialists can identify the product that’s best suited to your requirements. That’s because we have over three decades of experience in manufacturing high quality custom console furniture for a variety of sectors.

From control and broadcast studio chairs, monitor arms and keyboard trays to LCD monitor mounts, Digi Edit bays and a selection of 19” rack accessories, we have a vast array of additional industry-suitable products to meet your professional requirements.


Our turnaround time for installation is time-efficient as we pride ourselves on being reliable and experienced – prioritising both the competitively high standard we set in manufacturing alongside excellent customer service. This is marked by the close working relationship we develop with you, so if you need advice or a trustworthy team of craftsmen who carry out bespoke installations to benefit your business, you can contact us.


Complete your furniture installations with our range of standard products that have been specifically designed to complement our workstations and streamline your workflow.

Browse our full product collection or contact one of our helpful team on 01799 531202. Alternatively, click here to enquire online today.

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