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Broadcast One Studio Control Desk 

Our brand new Broadcast One edit desk is ergonomically designed with system integration in mind.

Our brand-new Broadcast One media desk is ergonomically designed for use and system integration is fully configurable and is available in a range of durable and contemporary finishes.

Broadcast One desk offers total flexibility and is an ideal choice for control rooms including PCR, MCR and TX setups.
The floating work surface is employed to allow ample user space and optimum comfort, with tilted equipment pods up to 6u high sitting neatly behind the workspace, creating ergonomic operational control without imposing on the space.

With the rear shelf of the media edit desk including integral monitor mounting slots, suitable for many different arm types, the desk presents the opportunity to style to the users’ requirements throughout.

Designed with tidiness in mind, this edit desk features rear mounted cable apertures and is styled to integrate equipment with ease. The full height rear doors are fully removable to allow complete access into the containment areas and specifically designed cable trays run in full length without bulkhead obstruction, conveying simple and rapid cable management.

Power distribution units are housed directly above the cable trays, offering a neat power solution and removing clutter from beneath and on top of the media desk. Each 19-inch rack bay has up to 8u of rear rack mount capacity with optional storage solutions including equipment shelves and PC sliding trays, which benefit from a clamp system preventing displacement. A tie bar to the rear locks cables into place averting unwanted unplugging or power downs.

Studio Desk Fit-Out

Below you can find images for a recent Broadcast One Studio Control Desk fit-out completed by Knotty Ash for NEP UK. In this particular room, one of several completed, we fitted three desks on a tiered floor for maximum comfort, convenience, and usability.


Optional Extras:


  • Clip on equipment supports

  • Keyboard trays

  • LCD monitor mounts

  • Pro Display monitor stacks

  • Monitor arms

  • Operator chairs

  • PC sliding trays

Discuss your specific media requirements in further detail on 01799 531202 or click here to enquire online today.

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