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Aviation and Transport Furniture 

With over 30 years of experience in creating custom consoles, at Knotty Ash, we are experts in creating furniture to meet the exacting demands of Aviation and Transport control rooms. Our skilled design experts can craft consoles for a wide range of specialist aviation and transport sectors, including Air Traffic Control (ATC), sea ports, rail network control centres, and security control rooms, to name but a few. Each of our consoles and monitor mounts can be adapted to suit your specific requirements, to create a bespoke, durable and ergonomic workspace.


Ergonomic Console Solutions

For operators working in aviation and transport control rooms, it is imperative that the furniture of the room is ergonomically designed. With the 24/7 nature of airport and rail operations, comfort is essential to ensure productivity, and reduce fatigue. Knotty Ash Woodworking are experts in creating bespoke furniture that suits the needs of your employees, with workspaces that provide access to multiple screens, and height adjustability options.


Pro Display Monitor Wall Systems

With screens and monitors at the heart of the command centre, our Pro Display Monitor Wall System is designed to accommodate an array of complex plasma and LCD displays. The system can be configured to fit on a flat wall, or form a curved view around furniture, allowing controllers to maintain comprehensive and critical at-a-glance views. Our skilled experts will work with your brief to create a design that suits your specific needs, which can be viewed in 3D visualisation to allow you to make any changes before manufacturing.


Futureproof Design

We understand that control rooms in the transport and aviation industry often need to adapt and change processes. Here at Knotty Ash Woodworking, we believe your furniture should be futureproof, which is why our Commander Desk System is designed to be modular. Each unit can be flexibly reconfigured or combined, to fit any required configuration. With Pro Display Monitor compatibility and additional options including clip on equipment support, keyboard trays and ergonomic chairs, we can create a tailored solution to fit any transport control room.


For more information about our range of consoles and monitor display systems for aviation and transport, contact our team of specialists today. Priding ourselves on our exceptional level of detail, we will ensure that your aviation and transport control furniture is expertly designed, manufactured and installed.

Discuss your aviation and transport furniture requirements with our expert team. Call 01799 531202, email or click here to enquire online today.

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